Sealift2 lifts 65ft yachts, motor boats and catamarans weighing up to 50 tons in just 5 minutes, allowing us to
lift, clean, change anodes and relaunch in under an hour.  We also offer hull cut and polish, overnight antifoul
painting and all other below waterline maintenance.  Visit our dock Haslar Marina - Gosport, UK.



To book a lift in Gosport call 02392 580870 or email: haslar@sealift2.com

Sealift2 is the result of 30 years design, construction and operation of pneumatic dock systems and related services. The floating dock has been designed to lift yachts and motor boats at sea,allowing cleaning and other forms of below water line maintenance to be carried out quickly and efficiently. The docks combine speed, stability and low installation and operating costs, which enable boat owners to enjoy fast, cost effective and completely new cleaning and maintenance service.

What we offer the boat owner and the marina operator

Sealift2 docks are completely self contained, floating platforms, which do not require valauable water front land for boat maintenance and repairs.  They are eco friendly as we collect all washoff from the cleaning operation and pass it through an onboard water treatment plant, which removes oils and dissolved metals, rendering it safe to discharge into the sea in full compliance with EU regulations on Urban Waste Water Treatment – Directive 9/271/EEC.

Sealift2 docks lift 65ft yachts, motor boats and catamarans weighing up to 50 tons in 5-10 minutes. This means that operators can offer a fast, cost effective service to lift, inspect and clean hulls, change anodes and re-launch in under an hour.  We do not use lifting strops, which apply unwanted stresses to the hull and cause damage to antifoul paintwork when re-launching boats.  With Sealift2 boats are always stable, standing on their hulls/keels.  As we support boats above the waterline, this means that wer can also offer a fast overnight lift, clean and antifoul painting service, re-launching the next morning, a service which usually takes several days when using a shore based crane or travel lift.

Installation of our docks is straightforward and does not incur any of the additional expensive civil engineering works which are typically associated with the installation of a travel lift.  Our dock can be moored to a quayside or secured by piles or seabed anchors.  This also gives you the flexibility to relocate the dock as it leaves no permanent infrastructure. 

Maintenance costs are very low and operating costs are minimal as the on board air compressor only runs during the actual boat lifting operation (5 minutes).  Once lifted the platform is completely stable for short or long hold jobs.

About the company

Sealift2 International Ltd designs and manufactures revolutionary new floating dry docks for marinas, boats yards and independent operators.  We have been successfully operating our floating dock system in Cowes, Isle of Wight since 2006 and in 2011 we installed our new SD model dock at Haslar Marina in Gosport, UK. 

Our docks are manufactured in Poland and Dubai, with worldwide availability.

Sealift2 International Ltd is a UK registered company, Number 4779484. 

Sealift2 International Ltd, 11 Lower Cookham Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 8JN, United Kingdom
Telephone:+44 (0)1628 627 298       Fax: +44 (0)1628 627 010
Email: enquiries@sealift2.com